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Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii

We Offer One-On-One Assistance to Your Employees

What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare helps older individuals get the health care they need throughout their retirement. However, Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and those additional health care costs add up quickly. Medicare Advantage Plans bridge the gap between what Medicare covers and what health care actually costs.

Why Offer a Medicare Plan?

Something as simple as offering a Medicare plan will make your business stand out in your industry. This unique service gives your employees peace of mind and will automatically push your business to the top of any potential employee’s list. A Medicare plan will help you offer the best benefits to your employees.

How Can Our Team Help Yours?

At Advantage Insurance Services Inc., we have a specialized team to handle Medicare plans. With our experienced agents, your employees will be able to ease their transition into Medicare and get better coverage. Our agents will meet with your employees one-on-one to discuss their options and help them with the paperwork.

We Care for Your Employees