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Temporary Disability Insurance Compliance in Hawaii

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What Is TDI?

TDI, or temporary disability insurance, provides wage replacement to employees who can’t work due to sickness, injury, or pregnancy. TDI specifically covers injuries that aren’t work related and aren’t covered by workers’ compensation. The Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance law requires all employers to provide some form of TDI.

What Does TDI Include?

When employees can no longer work because of an injury, sickness, or pregnancy, TDI provides some of the wages they would have earned if they were working. This insurance is a lifesaver for employees in these difficult circumstances. However, TDI does not cover any medical care costs.

What Coverage Do You Need?

Every business is required by law to have some form of TDI, but there are many different ways you can provide this insurance to your employees. The team at Advantage Insurance Services Inc. will walk you through the different methods at your disposal and help you find a plan that works for you.

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